Dreams - Poem By Kaustubh Giridhar

Good night, Good nightIt’s time to say good night!!!In the dreams, we see chocolate streams,In which there are floating ice creams!We wish to eat,But will not get any taste of it!In the dreams, we see Santa-Claus coming, And gifts us when we are sleeping,He gifts us toys happily,And we play with them so merrily!In the dreams, we fly in the sky,Jumping on the stars very high!From stars, we are a bit awayBut it’s the morning, by the way!Kaustubh Giridhar..

Save Trees Save Nature

The nature of our future depends on the future of our nature”Trees are precious gift to our life from the nature. Trees are as valuable as gold that’s why they are called as “Green Gold” on the earth. The trees are great donors; they keep giving their services in the form of fruits, flowers, medicines, herbs, vegetables, water, wood, shelter, fodder to animals and other useful things. They consume all the (CO2) Carbon dioxide, refresh air from toxic gases and prevent us ..

I love my India

I love my India Its Map is great. Its Flag is of three colours Gives Message of happiness to all I love my India Here all the religions live well Festivals celebrated by all is well I love my India Our country is covered by Nature's protection It protects us from threats Green Revolution makes Nation great Our India is great I love my India Keep our country neat & clean Don't make it dirty bin I love my India Shreyasi Mishra III Moon..

Teachers Day

Teacher's day is for, Dear teachers,You teach us to be kind to all creatures!You teach us everything,You make it interesting and exciting!You encourage creativity,You help us in our studies!You make learning a joy,You’re not partial to any girl or boy!You always want the best for me,You teach us to identify a coconut tree!Dear teacher, you help us,Tolerate our clashes, but never fuss!You’re special in every way,That’s what we all say today. Avani Gode IV sun ..

First Day

 First day, oh my God!What to do in the class?Who’s my friend and who is not?There’s a big question mark ‘?’Is my teacher kind or rude?Will I study hard and good?Whether I will sit in front or back?How will I take lunch without my mom?Please save, please save, oh my God!Give me the strength to handle this all!Jigisha Thakre I Moon..